Sunday, March 8, 2009

Travel dates....and everything else that has suddenly hit me!

We got our tentative travel dates this week! May 14-May 21!!!! Oh my gosh! That is only two months away! As I was lying in my bed this morning,looking out into the living room, I suddenyl could see him...he was there...rolling around on the floor with his new brother, Steven! In only two months he will be playing in the yard outside, sitting on a stool at the bar in the kitchen, floating around in a bubble bath, IN THIS HOUSE!!!!!!!

My brain is on overload...the planning...the packing...adding him to scans...immunizations....stool samples (don't even get me started) fears....laughing...crying...I don't even know where to begin!

We got to send a package via our adoption coordinator this week! It ALL had to fit inside of a gallon sized ziploc do you do that? Everything you ever wanted to know about your new family and more in a little plastic disposable bag!!!!! So here is the list:

*paper, stickers, twistable crayons to share with his friends
*a matchbox airplane so he gets a little peek into what's to come
*a Carolina t-shirt (of course)
*a teddy bear with a soccer hoodie (his caregivers told us he enjoys soccer)
*and of course, a photo album of his new mommy, his new brother, his new sisters, his new doggy, his new house, and him!

He will be holding it all in just a few days! And wonderful Megan (our coordinator) will be returning with new pictures for us to ooohhhhhh and ahhhhh over!

And in between each letter I type my stomach flip flops and my mind reels....I don't even know where to's really happening...he is really almost here.....