Thursday, December 25, 2008

The Best Christmas Gift Ever!!! What a Surprise!

After receiving the 171h on Saturday, I wanted to be sure that I emailed it the most effective, efficient way possible to WACAP. So I emailed Megan (our adoption coordinator) to touch base and get her input. Her response was that she was snowed in and unable to get to the office, but wanted to chat with me on Monday. About mid-afternoon, I received a call and was excited to let her know that we were anxious to get put on the waiting list, knowing that we could now settle in for a few weeks...or find out who our new little guy would be.

Surprise! Surprise! Megan says, "Well, I have some news for you." response..."Really? Is it good news?"...Megan..."Let's just say, I think your family will have wonderful Christmas after you hear the news!" YES! You guessed it! We got a referral! My mind was whirling...I still can't remember much of the conversation as the emotion flooded over me!

We chatted about him for a while...still reeling...and I got off the phone to immediately check my email for more information....there it amazingly handsome photo of little Yonas! He is 8 years old....and apparently a bit of a prankster....thinking he might fit in perfect in our house where there never seems to be a dull moment! hahaha!

So....we are all still reeling a few days later....there are framed photos of him in every room of the house...and conversations about how our lives have truly just changed for the better can be heard throughout the day...

We may be traveling as soon as late winter/early some point it will all sink much to do...where do I start? For now, I am just constantly looking in the direction of that handsome little guy and wondering what next Christmas morning will be like in our living room!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Got it!!!!!!!

Yay!!!!! Today we received our 171h from immigration! That means at the beginning of the week we will officially go on the waiting list for a specific child! Unbelievable! I can't believe we are at this point!

We went out to dinner last night and ate at a chinese food fortune cookie said..."A small gift will bring joy to your whole family!" appropriate! :)

I emailed the coordinator at WACAP tonight, knowing that she would not get my email until Monday...surprise! surprise! she checked her email at home and sent me a response that said it shouldn't be long for the referral! Amazing!!!!

Thank you to all of out there saying prayers and waiting along with us!!!!!...hopefully, it won't be long now!