Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Court Date Has Arrived!

We heard from our adoption coordinator this week, and we are excited to share the news! Our court date to make Yonas a legal part of our family, is April 15, 2009! Amazing! On his big sister Beth's birthday! How incredible is that! So although we are a bit disappointed that it is further in the future than we had hoped, there are many up sides to this.....

  • We will more than likely travel after Beth has returned home from school after Spring semester
  • I will be done with my Spring semester of grad school before we travel
  • Yonas will probably not even need to be enrolled in school this year, giving us time to assess the right age and grade level int he fall
  • I may not have to return to work at all after we return since I planned to take 3 weeks off for this new adventure
  • If I have to return to work, Beth will be able to be with him during the day, giving him someone he is already familiar with to spend that time with (afterall, who doesn't fall in love with Beth once they meet her) hehehehe
  • This will give us the summer with no school schedules to interfere with doctors, dentists, etc etc etc
  • Beth's Senior Recital is scheduled for April 14 in Mississippi, so we will all be together when we pass court (staying completely optimistic of course!)

So...the preparations begin...not that I actually have any idea of where to begin, but it sounds good!


Kerri said...

Yay for the court date! Fingers and toes are crossed that it will be successful the first time around!

los cazadores said...

Congratulations! Wonderful news. Something big, big changes!


Kate said...

So wonderful!! I forget that Beth and I share a birthday.

Congratulations :)

Freda said...

I'm so happy for you.

Mary and Chris said...

Congrats on your court date for your little Yonas. I love it that our journeys are so similar!
Mary & Yonas

Kelli Gray said...

Of course, I am happy for your court date and will be even happier when we start our travel plans-since we are probably in the same group....lets hope my hubby can keep up =)
Kelli Gray