Wednesday, April 15, 2009

IT'S A BOY!!!!!!

Today, Yonas Gabriel Brewer legally became a part of our family! There are no words to begin to describe...although he has been in our hearts since day one, he is now truly and completely part of our family....SOOOOO...drumroll he is!
This was the referral photo that we received in December....this photo was taken in approximately September of 2008 I and see how the love and care provided at WACAP House brings him to life! :)


Jennifer said...

Congratulations!!!!! Did you see the pics on Julia's blog? What a cutie boy!

Kerri said...

Yippee!!! I'm so excited for you guys!

Billy said...

Wow, how exciting!!!
And he is so cutw!

jodes said...

How awesome! Look at that smile - lights up his whole face!!! What a cutie.